Small & Medium Business

As businesses move through their life cycle into growth and become established, the needs of the business change. For Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), planning ahead becomes the order of the day, every day. We recognise that the daily pressures of a growing and thriving company often compromise the strategic planning process and that’s where we can help.

Short, medium and longer-term forecasts are a crucial part of business development and we will ensure these are not only meaningful and robust, but that they are reviewed and delivered.

The Devil in the Detail…

When your business has reached a level of critical growth, it’s a good time to review the controls in place: credit control, stock control, cost control, budgeting and financial control.

Effective management information will allow you to seize opportunities when they arise or identify problems quickly so you can take efficient corrective action. You won’t be in control until you’ve got control.

It’s also essential for SMEs to have effective procurement policies and practices in place. Your company’s purchasing decisions will have the potential to impact your bottom line by tens of thousands of pounds. We aim to give you advice and information that will allow you to ensure that these functions operative efficiently.

Financing For Growth

Even profitable companies need to borrow if they find their business is growing faster than their cash flow. It’s critical to finance that success, and not jeopardise the venture by over-trading. We can discuss a range of options with you and assess the best choices for you.

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